Our nearly 20 years of service expertise lies at our client’s disposal, as we offer customized services at an affordable rate for our clients.

Hailing excellence in specialized digital and offset printing service, i12print is the name that you can trust to bring you the best of printing.

Our business is expansive in width, from local businesses in Singapore to a strong client base in foreign countries including Russia, United Kingdom, South Korea, China and United States of America. We offer printing services to clients who require short lead time printing with deadlines as short as within a day or two. Many foreigners coming to spore for convention or meeting get their printing collateral done in spore and delivered to them once they arrive in spore.

With fast response, easy bookings and our excellent team, we give you the best printing impressions in town and away. Operating as a boutique printing house, whether your order is small or large, it holds our top priority, with no MOQ requirement for both normal and short lead time. Be it customized or personalized orders, we are ready to do it for you!

Do you require urgent printing and stuck on who can help you? Come to us for the most remarkable printing services available!